Four Summer survival secrets


#1 In your Prime – If you don´t use a primer or dont know what they are you’ll soon start… primers keep your makeup in place throughout the day. They help to reduce unwanted shine and can also correct discolouration creating a more even skintone. Apply after your SPF and moisturizer and allow it to dry completely before applying makeup. #Gamechanger

#2 Scrub & Soothe – Exfoliate head to toe in the shower weekly to keep you skin in tip top shape to shed the dead skin cells and lather a generous amount of moisturiser daily to keep your skin super hydrated!

#3 Hot Head – Protect your hair by letting it dry naturally and not adding extra heat with a hair-dryer during the summer months. However if you are the kind of person who cant leave the house with au-natural hair and you must blow dry your hair, run the cool air over it when done to seal the hair folicles and add extra shine to your hair

#4 Bye Bye Razor Burn – After shaving your legs, bikini etc (if your shaving you need to visit us at Sensius to sort that out!) use an alcohol-free lotion to avoid any razor burn and irritation.

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