Have you ever wondered how to take care of your skin while having to wear a mask?

Well you’re not the only one! Since wearing a mask has become the most important accessory in our life, helping protect our health and the people around us.

Many people are constantly getting frustrated by wearing a mask and how it’s affecting their skin. Some experience many side effects such as acne and irritation.

Here are some tips you might find useful

1- Make sure your face is cleansed and the mask is fresh.

Clean your skin more often than usual, due to the fact that while using the mask your face may cause more moisture and sweating in the area. When you take your mask off try to wash your hands and your face to eliminate all the bacteria produced, use a soft facial wash that doesn’t leave your skin dry you can also use micellar water. This helps to cleanse your face removing any makeup, tones and hydrates your skin.

2- Hydrate your skin – use a moisturiser daily and drink plenty of water.

Since you’re cleaning your face more often, you’ll have to hydrate more by using any facial cream that is accurate for your skin type, as well as SPF. If you tend to have acne use a Gel based facial moisturizer.

3- Make sure reusable masks are washed daily.

Cleaning your facial mask is really simple, we recommend hand washing your mask with a soft soap. You can also wash it in your washing machine. Use several masks during the week try not to use the same one every day especially if you suffer from acne. Since the bacteria can accumulate on the fabric of the mask it can increase the amount of breakouts.

4- Avoid the use of makeup when possible – let your skin breath.

Try not to wear makeup under the face mask because this will make it harder for your skin to breath and remain healthy

Please remember that the use of a mask is essential to stay safe and to protect each other at this difficult time.

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