The importance of SPF all year round, 5 reasons to understand why it is essential!

Sun protection is something we totally relate to Summer. It is common to forget about it during the rest of the year as we don´t have the heat of the sun to remind us but sun damage is not exclusive to Summer, we need to be protected all year and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Cloudy/rainy days won´t stop the UV Radiation, UV Radiation can come through the clouds. UVB, the one that creates tan and burns is less intense in autumn/winter. However, UVA rays are responsible for the skins ageing process and can get to your skin with the same strength and intensity any time of the year even when it is cloudy.

2. Photo ageing dehydrates the skin, it breaks down the collagen & elastin fibers causing your skin to look rough, it will lose firmness, wrinkles will appear, and the appearance of pigmentation will accelerate.

3. The most serious consequence is skin cancers in exposed areas such as the face, ears, neck and hands.

4. Non-summer months are the best to perform treatments like laser hair removal and skin peels to remove pigmentation. Not using SPF will have a big impact on the result of your treatments.

5. The use of SPF daily will protect your skin all year round and here is the tip of the week for you: Apply a serum rich on antioxidants before your day cream and sun protection. These antioxidants will transform the free radicals, so they won´t damage your skin. This is a fantastic for extra-protection from sun damage. If you are going to be out-doors for long period of time, reapply your SPF every 2-3 hours.

So please, from now on don´t forget to apply your SPF! You can apply it after your serum and day cream and before make-up. Give your skin time to absorb the product before you go out!

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