Your skin after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is not only about hair removal, if you have started a laser hair removal process you can confirm this, it is also about changing the appearance of your skin, that´s a fact! So, what happens to your skin after a laser hair removal treatment?

When laser hits the hair follicle and damages it, to get rid of the hair re-growth, it not only leaves the skin with no hair but also closes the hair bulb giving the skin a better appearance reducing the pores. The beauty of this is that in addition to a hair free skin you get a better-looking skin and the best part is to feel the sensation of a softer and smoother touch.

When you are in a hair removal process you need to take care of your skin during the whole course of treatments, not just right before and after your session.

Right afterwards it is good to apply Aloe Vera to your skin and avoid any heat treatments like hot showers, baths, sauna or jacuzzi for 24 hours; don´t get yourself into a sweat so avoid the gym, running or exercising and do not apply deodorants or lotions to the area that has been treated.

One week after your laser session exfoliate the area to encourage hairs to fall out.

During all of your treatment avoid sun exposure on the area treated and use sunscreen daily! SPF 50 (minimum) to be applied to area and the face daily, if being treated and must be kept in the shade at all times. Avoid picking or scratching the treated area and is really important to know that shaving is the only method of hair removal between your laser sessions during all your treatment, although we do recommend that this is kept to a minimum.

After laser hair removal, with the appropriate care, female and male’s skin will experience a dramatic change on treated areas. It is amazing to witness the transformation of your skin and say goodbye to your razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Most individuals that go through a laser process look to get rid of their unwanted hair without knowing that they will get an additional reward with it!

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