The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. This heat damages the hair follicle at the root and avoids hair to grow again while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected.

The skin may appear red immediately following the procedure, this effect could last from a few minutes to several hours after, but it will soon get back to normal.

Hair growth is a continuous process in your body and for laser the best target is hair in “active growth phase”, that is why you will need multiple sessions, as not all hairs are at the same phase during your session.

You will need from 6 to 10 sessions approximately to complete your treatment depending on different factors such as your skin type, hair colour and thickness and due to the natural hair growth process, it is recommended to have your sessions every six weeks, so it is effective. It is impossible to achieve 100% removal of every single follicle, but the good news is that you will gain a permanent reduction.

You will notice after your treatment the amount and appearance of your hair will change dramatically. The rough, coarse and thick hair will gradually transform into soft, thin and light hair. Some of your body areas will have no hair at all and few of them will have sporadic light hairs remaining that will be picked up on subsequent top up sessions that we recommend you to keep having once or twice a year.

Another added effect after your laser hair removal treatment is the significant transformation of the skin texture. The skin will appear softer and smoother getting rid of razor bumps and ingrowth hair.

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