Is laser hair removal expensive?

When we think about getting rid of our unwanted hair, we have different options like shaving, waxing and laser hair removal but experience tells us that we tend to think about the cost of it and if we want to save money, we always end up picking what we think is the cheapest and easiest option. But, is shaving or waxing cheaper than laser? Is a laser hair removal treatment expensive? Why not continue with our old and known methods forever?

Let´s take a quick look at how many times you need to shave in order to keep your skin without unwanted hair: Shaving every two days means 180 times per year, 1,800 times in 10 years, 3600 times in 20 years! So, think about how much time and how many razors do you have to invest with no mention to the skin irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn problems!

Now let´s look at waxing. If you go for waxing you need to wax every 3 weeks to have hair free skin, this means 17 times per year, 510 in 10 years, 340 times in 20 years! Think about how much money in the long run all those waxing sessions cost. Again, too much time and too much investment.

Laser hair removal treatments may look expensive but if you really analyze, in the long run it is something you perform one time and after its done, you can maintain with a top up session once a year. If you make up the numbers, you will find in the end that laser hair removal is your cheaper and most effective option long term. Not to mention the benefits associated to it like the improvement on the appearance of your skin and the silky-smooth feel of it!

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