The 2 main reasons why you should switch to laser hair removal​

The 2 main reasons why you should switch to laser hair removal

The main reasons to switch to laser hair removal are costs and results.


Did you know most women spend between 10,000€ and 23,000€ managing unwanted hair during  their life time by choosing waxing or shaving?

Most women treat the hair by waxing one or twice a month, or shave every two days. This means a lot of money been destined to pay for waxing services or buying razors and shaving cream. When waxing on a salon the cost can add up to 20,000€ in a life while if people get waxed at home it can add up to 10,000€. Yes, waxing can be an investment of between 30€ to 60€ per month, which in the long term it add ups to thousands. 
Laser hair removal is cheaper than other treatments in the long term and the results are much better, leaving you without prickly skin every few days 


Waxing and shaving have short term results. Let’s say, when someone shaves it lasts up to two days without needing to shave again since shaving only eliminated the superficial hair. Waxing in the other hand can last up to 15 days without needing to treat the hair again since it treats from the root and takes longer to grow. 
Laser proves to be a long lasting treatment since it treats from the follicles giving a span of years before  having to get a retouch. 
Forget about shaving  and  waxing and start your laser hair removal treatment today! You can shop all courses online at our e-shop and get amazing prices with our monthly discounts and promos.


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