Laser Hair Removal in Winter: The Top Benefits of Starting Your Treatment Now

Winter is the perfect time to put down the razor and start prepping your skin for summer 2022. How many times have you got to the end of May and started to thinking why did I not do this before? It’s too late to get the results I want….

Wait no more, you have many months ahead and you have many good reasons to start your winter treatment:

1. If you start now, you can complete a course of laser hair removal just in time for your summer holidays when you will experience not only the great feeling of getting rid of your unwanted hair but also the dramatic improvement your skin will show!

2. Less sun exposure – during winter months it is much easier to avoid  sun exposure. As laser works better on a lighter skin tone, winter is  the best time to start!

3. Laser hair removal may leave your legs looking a little red or blotchy for a day or two. In winter it will be much easier to cover up as you will be wearing long trousers!

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