What is Mesotherapy

Dermapen Mesotherapy is the introduction of a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes and amino acids just beneath the epidermis. Each ingredient has a specific action within the cells of the treatment area and they work to improve multiple individual concerns such as ageing, hydration, loss of volume, pigmentation, reducing pore size.

To keep it simple this is a facial that takes approx 1hr.

We start with a deep cleanse to ensure the skin is squeaky clean before we apply the solution for your skin concern and using micro needles (super tiny) we penetrate the serum approx 0.25mm into your skin.

Before you ask… No this is not painful! The needles are so small it can be done on the most delicate of areas such as around the eyes and mouth!

Straight after your treatment your skin will feel slightly warm and appear flush, which is what one would expect after having little needles penetrate the skin (again, not sore).

For the few weeks post treatment you may experience some very mild flaking of the skin but in general your skin will be brighter, smoother and you will radiate glow!

We have found the best results with treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart and as you wouldnt attend the gym on a once off we recommend a course of treatment to achieve optimum results!

The basics of mesotherapy


If you’d like to learn more give us a call and we can book youfor a free consultation!

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