Glow all out

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Glow All Out Christmas Skincare Set – Image A.D.S


Unveil a youthful glow with our Glow All Out Christmas Skincare Set, ideal for women targeting aging skin. This set includes essential skincare tools and serums for a radiant complexion.

Set Includes:

0.5mm Dermaroller: Boosts collagen, reduces wrinkles.
Shape & Shave Dermaplaning Tool: Removes dead skin and facial hair.
CHILL Ice Roller: Soothes skin and improves circulation.
2% Hyaluronic Serum: Hydrates and enhances skin glow.
Dermaroller Sanitizing Spray: Ensures tool cleanliness.
Luxury Cosmetic Travel Bag: For convenient skincare storage.

Rejuvenates skin with dermaroller.
Smoothes skin via dermaplaning.
Refreshes skin with ice roller.
Hydrates with hyaluronic serum.
Sanitizing spray for hygiene.
Travel bag for easy organization.
Usage Tips:

Dermaroller: Use gently, rolling 8-10 times in various directions. Use weekly or bi-weekly.
Pre-Treatment: Prioritize cleanliness and dry skin.
Post-Treatment: Soothe with ice roller and apply SPF.
Cleaning and Safety:

Clean tools with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
Store in a protective case.
Replace roller every 30-60 days.
The Glow All Out Set is a comprehensive choice for enhancing skincare routines and achieving a youthful look during the holidays.

Glow all out